Dr. Alexa Albam - Veterinarian


Dr. Alexa Albam is originally from New York, just outside of New York City.

Dr. Albam attended Veterinary school at St. George's University in Grenada and had visited the Charleston area a few times over Summer breaks. She always dreamed of living near the beach and escaping harsh Winters, so she decided to settle down here after graduation. She has always had a passion for helping animals and believes in treating every patient as if they were part of her own family.

Dr. Albam adopted Maya, her Grenadian "Pothound," during her first semester of Veterinary school. She then adopted Maizy, her Doberman Pinscher with a larger-than-life personality, a few months before graduation. In her free time, Dr. Albam loves to try new restaurants, kayak, relax on the beach, and go hiking with Maya and Maizy.